Slow Down Fast Eater, Savor the Moment

Anyone else follow Beth on her blog Tasty Yummies?! When I first became gluten free, her amazing recipes came to my rescue. With flair, she posts recipes tailored for her allergies and auto-immune disorder, but she has since become a certified yoga instructor and is now becoming a Certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner. I can’t wait to see … More Slow Down Fast Eater, Savor the Moment

Out of Our Funk, Into the Truth: Reprogramming Our Alignment

It’s real funny, innit, how life sends you lessons of learning.  One of the many reasons I’ve come to Love yoga, is that you can always learn more. This is the perfect scenario for somebody like me: “A Sponge” I just can’t stop soaking things up. So I was excited when I learned some new … More Out of Our Funk, Into the Truth: Reprogramming Our Alignment

Press Pause

Who got The Pause? You got The Pause? If there’s one thing that meditation will deliver, it’s the All Powerful Pause. Is anyone familiar with The Pause? During day to day life, we’re constantly in a reactive state. Whether we’re reacting to someone else, our own cravings, or even chronic pain, we typically follow an ingrained … More Press Pause

A Spiritual Journey of Healing

A Spiritual Journey of Healing The following 10 part story is my personal account, rather a documentation, of the transformation I experienced during the year 2012. I had been blindly practicing Present Moment Awareness, picked up a daily yoga habit, and without a direct intention I metamorphosed from a “functioning-cripple” into an extremely Spiritually-in-tune being. … More A Spiritual Journey of Healing

“Surrendering Ourselves to His lotus feet”  

At times, words cannot describe, photos cannot convey, and video may only share a taste: Maybe the first 40 seconds of this one can help: Currently, I feel blessed, I feel lucky, I even feel lighter having witnessed the manifestation of human intentions, aligned with a divine reality. To build a temple like the one I … More “Surrendering Ourselves to His lotus feet”