Who got The Pause?
You got The Pause?

If there’s one thing that meditation will deliver, it’s the All Powerful Pause.
Is anyone familiar with The Pause?

During day to day life, we’re constantly in a reactive state. Whether we’re reacting to someone else, our own cravings, or even chronic pain, we typically follow an ingrained reaction.

However, with a steady Internal Practice, one develops A Pause: a moment of suspended clarity, when the correct path instantly aligns. It kinda makes you feel like Neo from The Matrix!

A Pause is something I incorporate into my yoga class: before we rise from Fetal to Final Meditation, I make everyone aware of the importance of The Pause. I continuously share The Pause to people that are overcoming addictions of all sorts. This tool can be useful in every aspect of your life!

So powerful, The Pause: it’s just one breath away!


Meditation does not have to be a chore.

Try breaking your sitting into segments throughout the day:

a few minutes here, a few minutes there.

It’s a simple as placing your awareness on your breath.

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