Give this some thought:

When tension dissolves-who are you?



For someone with chronic pain, like myself, we know tension all too well.

So this question becomes more like an invitation.

So by all means, give it some thought:

When tension dissolves-who are you?

In that spaciousness, inquire who you are.


During the centering of class today, my teacher, who asked us this question said,

“The answer to this question brought me to my knees, in tears, when I was at Kripalu.”


I innocently thought, “Really? Brought you to your knees, in tears? Really?” Little did I know that I, too, would have the same tears flow.


Within just an hour of this mental blockage of mine, the walls came down, and I ascended above my body looking down. For it was in Savasana, that Darlene asked the same question, after an hour and 45 minute class of accessing the energy behind all things: the Prana.

So once this question was asked, I sank back into the sea of energy alive not only in me, but within everything. My perspective sank back into a sea of perspective pervading all things.

There was no more need for a body at that point, I realized, as I saw myself sitting below, drawn in black pen over white paper. The upward draw was pulling this new perspective high, as I saw the “drawing” of me go farther and farther away. The head of this girl, blown apart, like a shot gun got the best of her, open to all that surrounded her.

I have had out of body experiences before, but typically they occurred when I was not in as much conscious control.

So I, Energy, was watching down on my (that) body, and I grew amazed at the sight, “I’m having an out of body experience!” However, in my experience, you want to stay away from any such amazement, for it is this exact sensation that brings your right back into your mind. So of course, this amazement brought me back into the room, in a class of people in Savasana.

All throughout the class this morning, Darlene kept reminding us to keep a half-smile within. Mine felt more like a half-smirk, something I noticed I tend to do.

My heart filled with gladness as I began to realize that her class was aligning exactly with where I was, and apparently where I needed to be. For it is just at the end of the Taoist season of the Late Summer, or as I like to see it the Long Summer. This fifth season is the time to ground down the energy of opening your heart to joy all Summer, before the winds of Autumnal change sweep away that which no longer serves you.

Being an artist, I tend to blend all the colors before me, and being a yogi, I hear the Ayurvedic (the ancient Indian healing system) perspective all too often. So blending the two I view this Long Summer as a time to not only ground down and connect with the earth (as the Taoists teach), but rather to focus on your relationship with the earth, and as much as you can feel the essence of the earth here, feel your relationship to ether (the Ayurvedic teachings). Ether, the akash: the all-pervading space behind everything.

It never fails, though. I used to think that it was Bhagwan, Darlene’s teacher, that was aligning with my life: During Darlene’s Meditation Classes, she would play a half hour of his meditative commentaries after an hour of meditation. They ALWAYS aligned with what was happening in my life. However, once I started to attend more and more of her Yoga Classes, I saw that it was her classes that were aligning with my life.

“It must be her!” I thought. But of course, I finally realized,

everything aligns… when you are open.




Interestingly enough,

once I published this post,

it dawned on me that the Asian drawing I had chosen for this article to convey my out of body experience, was a black ink on white drawing. Hee hee.


if you look close enough you can see the smirk




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  1. Interesting! Thank you for sharing this. My gluten free journey continues well and I’m getting more and more into my yoga, which is helping me so much too. There’s a new site up on my home page – Liminal Luminous. I hope you like it!

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