It’s real funny, innit, how life sends you lessons of learning.

 One of the many reasons I’ve come to Love yoga, is that you can always learn more.
This is the perfect scenario for somebody like me:
“A Sponge”
I just can’t stop soaking things up.
So I was excited when I learned some new yoga terminology:



Also, I was soooo excited to see that one of Ashleigh Sergeant’s new videos was finally uploaded on


However, it contained a couple of inversions, like Headstand, which is not a wise pose for someone with cervical instability. I figured, “I don’t want to miss her amazing cues for the other poses, so I’ll practice up to the inversions, then modify.”

Within the practice we found so much space in our lower and upper ribs, extending, extending, and then through the neck. Instead of Headstand, I modified with Dolphin Pose, and I did a little Half Shoulderstand, which I don’t always do.

My boyfriend was nearby and said, “Be careful!!!!!!!!!!!”




The practice ended with a seated meditation, and I had never felt so “Lifted”… which I then realized why the title of the practice was named so.

Hours later into the evening, I felt a crunching coming back down into my neck and upper back, and a little funky nerve pain. Dare I complain out loud? No. Instead, I took the lengthening tools she conveyed in the beginning of the practice, applied them, and the pain went away.

The next morning while explaining this to one of my teachers she replied, “Ohhhhh. We have a term for that in Svaroopa Yoga. We call that “relapse.” It’s where your body starts to curl back into the way it was initially. Rama Berch (the founder of Svaroopa) gives the antidote to relapse: “Do More Yoga.” So you actually did the right thing by doing more yoga, even though it was subtle.”

Interestingly enough, my other teacher is not a fan of the line “Do More Yoga,” as she believes that “Yoga should be continuous.”

Either way, that is the aim here though:

To reprogram our alignment, our whole well-being:
Out of our funk, and into The Truth.

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2 replies on “Out of Our Funk, Into the Truth: Reprogramming Our Alignment

  1. Everytime I see your posts I think that I should do more yoga, but I am quite afraid of hurting myself. I can’t even bring myself to go to my local restorative class as sometimes that wipes me out. Also I don’t really like going out in the evenings at the moment.

    Part of me is utterly convinced that yoga is the healing path for me. But I can’t bring myself to do it. oh the irony. I keep thinking I should look at an online series again

    1. Oh my, Jen, I know exactly what you are saying! It is tough for us! There is a fine line, which can be walked, it’s just that most other people don’t walk our walk. For months, (or longer) I’ve been considering filming some short yoga videos. Maybe after the holiday season I’ll force myself to step up and do it! Thanks for commenting! So funny, because I was just going to ask you what your blog is again!!!

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