“You Don’t Binge & Purge, Do You?”

Yeah, that’s right. Someone asked me that question today. Third sentence in.

Some lady had the right mind to ask this question today.

It’s okay, she had all the reason to: she’s “a nurse”, and apparently that makes it a-ok to ask people such idiotic questions.

So let’s say I “binge and purge.” Derrrrrrr, why would I divulge my dark secret to you, especially when you’re putting me on the spot, and quiet rapidly if I may say so? I’m sorry, but anyone would lie in that situation.

“Oh, you caught me. I’m so relieved you asked me that cuz I just wolfed down like… wait. I don’t even know what a binge amount is? What is binge? Who knows? Maybe my definition of binge might be what’s normal for someone else!”

Therein lies my secret, lady. Guess what my secret is? Come close… keep it quiet… I’M HEALTHY!

Sorry if I eat a flexitarian/plant based diet. I don’t drink soda. I don’t eat gluten, bread, dairy, milk, ice cream. I don’t eat brownies. I try to avoid sugar. I don’t eat fattening oils made from fattening seeds. Maybe I’m the normal one. Maybe I’m the one that’s eating what we all should eat, and you’re just feeling bad about your diet, so you’re taking it out on me.

Wait, wait, wait. As my dad says, “Hold the phone.” I am so sorry, America. I have no intention of being mean. I mean, I’m just lucky. Not only was I born into skinny genes, but I have every light ounce of my body, thanks to my mother. She ingrained in us kids: no soda, be mindful of everything that you eat, be very health conscious, go to the health food store, and do your own research. My dad taught me how to cook when I was a kid on summer vacations. He started a garden outside our kitchen where we grew green beans, tomatoes, and a plethora of I forget what veggies, but it was great. We steamed what we could, we cooked our food healthily, and we were happy.

Now a days, on countless occasions, heavy-set people are extremely rude to me. I have a thing for reading eyes, and their’s often read: “I hate you, you skinny bitch.” They must hate me, or maybe they hate a part of themselves.

But who am I to get so upset? I’m not upset, and here’s My Main Point:

If we are all brought up to respect overweight people, that you should not say anything about their weight to them, then why don’t we have the same rule for thin people? This has been my thought for years, and it’s time I put it out there in black and white. I have just as many feelings as anyone else. You pointing the finger at me, and putting me on the spot is not only rude, but it’s degrading, and it’s a very separatist way of thinking. I am not observing your presence in such a degrading way. If you only knew how deep of a Spiritual Practice I have, and how I’m trying to observe you: Seeing the Go(o)d in You.

I’m well aware that overweight kids are teased for their weight, and that’s wrong, but it happens. However, once we graduate into the adult arena, you don’t go up to strangers or acquaintances and point the finger about their weight. Are you saying that this type of behavior is okay now? That we should point the finger at everyone for their weight? When you point the finger at me, you’re voting for Fat Shaming as well. That’s how you wanted it. Skinny Shaming, Fat Shaming. To quote Stephanie Tanner:

stephanie tanner how rude

What if I have cancer. How would you feel if that was my answer to your binge and purge question?

People don’t think like this though. It’s common practice to call out a thin person, and I personally think it’s not right. All of my life I’ve been put on the spot. What nerve.

Cheerleader Pic

Do Skinny People Eat Pizza? (Any Office fans? 😉  )

If you want to make fun of me and call me Boney, well, that’s not going to hurt me. Boney was my nickname when I was a boney-ass kid. My brother and the neighbor friends would sing “I’m Boney, I’m Boney, Leave me Alonnneeeeee-y.” That’s what you get for trying to hang out with your older brother and his friends though, so it’s worth the beat down. It’s good for the soul. I might be boney, but it’s all wrapped in tough skin.

So, I’m not upset at you “obviously concerned nurse.” Obviously, my health, my care, is so important to you. “Oh, I’m so glad that someone finally asked me that question! Ohhh, it’s like a Light has shone down, and a great weight has been lifted. Must have, cuz apparently I’m too light.”

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