“If only we would let ourselves be dominated, like by some immense storm, then we would not need names.”

-Rainer Maria Rilke

hilda banks shapiro quote

This quote was shared by my new instructor during Savasana in my first class with her. It hit me so deeply.  Once it hit, I removed my eye pillow in fear that I might get a few drops of mascara on it.

Started my Yoga Teacher Training with an hour long meditation with a Swami, and a nice scoop of meditative, gentle yoga. Right off the bat I could tell that this path I’m stepping on is so deeply meditative.

The Swami, Bhagwan, did nothing to guide us into the meditation, but spoke so beautifully and smoothly after the hour ended.

Some notes I took after meditating and listening to the Swami:

Did you find clarity? Did it come quickly, or did you have to work for it?

*If it came quickly, why don’t you come into clarity more often?*

Can you dissolve in the timeless, boundless space of clarity?

*Can you remain there while still participating in the material world?*

We must quiet our minds.

The mind causes conflict.

The mind creates duality.

I was meditating briefly before Bhagwan entered the room; however, once he entered, I was hallucinating green, electrified, connecting circles in a black open space. I believe it was his energy affecting everyone else’s in the room, and I was picking up on it.

Bhagwan was right.  I did find clarity quickly, just shortly after my hallucination.  It truly amazed me how stable and centered my mind became and remained for the whole hour.

Also, apparently my intuition knew just a moment before his alarm went off, and I felt a rush of energy from my tail bone ride up through my chakras, and it hit in between my third eye and my crown chakra.  Just as this energy reached the place where I had found stillness, it exploded at the same moment the beautiful, tranquilizing alarm went off, furthering the blossoming affect at the top of my head.  Mmmmmmmm.

What a state!  So inspiring: I’ll begin to practice regular meditations again, and carry that calm-clarity no matter which world I’m in.

Very nice evening, a sign of good things to come!!!

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