Sometimes it seems as if life can be likened to a big game of chess:

Pieces being moved about, each with their own attributes and capabilities.

Forces from above, calculating: which way, and when to move.

Black, white. Moving ahead, falling back.

Chess against Dog

Last night I spent an hour with a Meditation Master, for the fourth time in the past few months.

They introduce him as if he is from Switzerland, but his skin and accent speak Indian.

I came to this man with great skepticism, but with an equal amount of openness, and my light treading seems to have done me well, sifting gems with each meeting.

With each encounter, Bhagwan delivered his message, perfectly tuned to what I most needed to hear at that time.

At first, his energy brought me back into to awe with how powerful meditation can be. (First posted here.)

On the 2nd encounter, he spoke of numerous key-thoughts such as:

“Can we come into Harmony in a complicated world?

When you are in Harmony, can you see it in the world?

Can we remain in a non-reactive state?

Reaction imbalances you, and produces aftereffects.

*Alertness & Effortlessness- The two aspects of Meditation (and life!).*

The world is your perception: If you clear the mind, the world becomes clear in Harmony.

Others are often looking for a reaction. By Being in a state of non-reaction, you are in Understanding.

We are not suppressing our reactions.

Karma : actions –> reactions –> actions :  patterns.

By not reacting, you’re putting karma to a stop, and not producing further karma. Karma becomes dissolved, and then you become free: liberated.

Karma is bondage. To ask, “Good or bad?” You are still chained.

Even when you get upset, say, when you’re upset that no one noticed you did a good action, that is still a reaction.

When you quiet your mind, you lose your sense of space and time. The present moment is not a moment in time, only the past and future are.”

During the closing meditation of my 2nd encounter, I had a vision of a glass or water where Bhagwan was sitting. The glass was tipping toward me, and pouring water into my glass which I noticed was missing about an inch of water: ready to receive more. I felt a great release during this vision.

The next evening I spent an hour meditating with Bhagwan. I made great progress in this meditation, as I was able to keep an alert and effortless way about my whole being. I felt my consciousness rise up, and it seemed as if I was coming in contact with a “Horizontal Mental Plane.” Allowing myself to shift through the crack to get there, I was transported to another place, where a woman yogi shared her methods on how she accesses this plane. She said her three methods, and then we locked eyes, and I instantly snapped out of the vision.

So last night was my final time meditating with Bhagwan, well, final time for the time being. My meditation was not so strong this time around, but his commentary hit me deeply. You see, as I parked my car just before the event, I looked down at my radio, and the track was on the song “06 THERE IS NO I.”

06 There is No I

This message screamed, “Remember this while meditating tonight!”

As Bhagwan began his commentary after the hour long meditation, he clearly said, “Were you able to become the experience? Were you able to drop being the experiencer?” His words resonated my every layer: That’s it! To Become the Experience, dropping the I, no longer being the experiencer. His words circled through my mind, ironically, as he constantly drilled the idea of leaving the mind and dropping thought; that the mind will always create a dual state.

It has not even been 24 hours since hearing his guidance. I’ve spent the past few years losing my sense of I: living in a state of Being. But to hear him put it so simply, to become the experience, shifts everything into a different game: dropping desires, breathing in this moment, witnessing this body and it’s surroundings as one.

Checkmating the King, or Becoming a King, may not be the object of the game in all actuality, for it is the experience of the thrill that draws us to play. As each piece becomes conscious, a thousand thoughts arise, and question the game at hand. No answers are needed. Quiet the mind, with alertness and effortlessness. Hilaritas will arise, observe it with non-judgement. Just be sure to remember two things: Enjoy the game, and… pass the ball: I’m not much of a chess player anyway!

02/23/15 : A few days later…

As serendipity may have it, I just came across this:

“Great talk that broadens our perspective about why it really means to allow everything to be as it is, loving what is, non-separation and becoming the situation that you’re in. To Unite and merge with what is.”

02/25/15 : Yet another few days…

I woke up extra early this morning to attend an hour and a half long meditation. For the last half hour, my instructor will often play a clip from one of Bhagwan’s lectures. This morning:

“If I am not my body, if I am not my mind, who is experiencing my body and my mind?”

He likened that experiencer to Prana (the life force energy), as the experience of the life force is within everything, like a flower growing, like the water flowing.

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  1. THIS POST….CHRISSY..ITS BREATHTAKINGGGGG!! i read it and my jaw dropped it is such a beautiful post, the way it is written, everything, the content… it just really hit me..thank you! you are on a great spiritual path!

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