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Yeah, so I kinda had one of these moments today.


My brain broke loose, and expanded,

and when it did, the constant tension I hold in my neck and head let go, and washed away.

It all started when I awoke this morning with the realization that I had three of the same dream. Yes, I had the same type of dream, three times in one night. Instantly, I knew that this was some sort of omen, as described in Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist: a recurring dream is an omen.

My recurring dream was of me going to see Bhagwan to participate in his hour long meditation. You see, his meditation was tonight, and for weeks I was not planning on going. I thought, “30 bucks to sit for an hour, and then talk for 15 minutes. I’m no sucker. I don’t need “Bhagwan.” I’d rather put that money toward an upcoming myofascial training.” However, my three dreams hit me hard, and I knew I had to go.

I walked around in quite a dreamy haze this morning, just blown away by the fact that I could have three dreams of the like. Nothing like that had ever happened before. I felt like something was trying to communicate with me, or that I was very open, and ready to receive.

Enjoying the absolutely beautiful weather this morning, Yoda and I began our “Mommy and Yoda Walk” as we took to the streets of our lovely town. I love where I live right now. Settled between the river and a cool little town, our streets are lined with unique houses with nice lawns, trees of every species, well kept gardens, and high taxes. I feel blessed to be able to rent in this town.

So as we took up the street my eye noticed a man in a crisp, sharp, collared shirt and business pants fiddling around with a blue recycling bin. In my mind, I kinda just smiled at the juxtaposition: a well dressed man dealing with trash. It just looked funny to me. Moments later I saw him at the same can, and I thought, “That’s weird. That was plenty of time for him to put that can away. That and the two others.”


Yoda and I continued on our walk through a couple more blocks, and I noticed that this well-dressed gentlemen was still outside with these three blue cans. He’s fidgeting them around, and lining them up. I said “Good Morning!” as we passed him, and he gently returned the greeting. The guy got in his SUV, and drove off to work.

Yoda’s legs aren’t what they used to be, so we both came to the agreement that it was time to turn around. We were about a block or so back when I noticed the SUV was coming back. The man got out of his car and started to mess with the cans again. It hit me with a splash of shock: “This man has O.C.D.! Ohhhhhh! That’s what he’s doing! Man, it’s been like 15 minutes! Just put the cans away already, they’re empty! It’s done! You’re going to be late for work!!!” But my heart cried out to him. I felt so horrible for his suffering: to be trapped in your mind like that.

I continued on with my day, enjoying every moment I had. After teaching a class, I realized my new favorite style: On the Spot – Feel the Energy – Let the Magic Come Through. Obviously this style came about on it’s own, when the situation in front of me was not the one that was planned. No need to freak, just have trust and faith. You are exactly where you need to be at all times, preforming exactly the way you need to. Just let go, and watch the show.

Once I got home my head and neck tension was slamming. I placed a tennis ball on a yoga block, kicked back, and began to massage the tension along the back of my head. To my surprise, it wasn’t cutting it. So I placed an ice pack on the block, kicked back, and promised myself I would not do anything that would be considered “mentally stimulating.” Apparently, or so it seems, that mental stimulation has a lot to do with my head and neck tension.

Of course I had a list of to-dos, but I told myself, “No! You’re going to see Bhagwan tonight, you need to be clear headed.” As the coolness calmed my nerves, and the clarity began to make way, I remembered that a Myofascial Release Massage Therapist with EDS had messaged me last week with her phone number, and today was the day that I said I would call. The icing helped, so I got up and called her.


What a lovely conversation we had! Bouncing back and forth like a friendly tennis match, our spiritual and healing ways easily met at a common ground. For forty minutes we talked about myofascial release (MFR), yoga, and healing. With a her delightful southern accent, her spiritual, yet practical, well-spoken words rolled on and dazzled me with hope. Actual hope. Like, I know I’m on the right path, hope.

She spoke of “unwinding” and made me realize that MFR is all about “letting go completely.” She explained that with EDS, if we are able to let go completely, our bodies can move in all directions, and our bodies will self correct. Being a yogi, and having been in a float tank a couple of times, I knew of this promise-land she spoke of. To know that that state is attainable, in a very controlled way… I just felt like everything is going along ALL-RIGHT.

aristotle quote shape of body soul

This phone call was almost like a dream, it flowed so well, and ended just as it needed to. I’m sure we could have talked all day, but it just felt right to end it when we did. She said goodbye, and “We should definitely meet sometime in this lifetime. Why not?”

Speaking to Shelley brought me into such an elevated state of healing: I could just feel it. I felt so much better than just an hour before, and good thing, because it was time to meditate with Bhagwan.

The meditation went well, especially since I haven’t been doing long sessions as often as I’d like. As the evening turned to his commentary, he began his speech with where he last left off… or, at least for me, when I last listened to his CD:

“Did we feel effortlessness in our meditation?”

To be honest, I had mixed feelings about Bhagwan. I felt like I already know all of this stuff that he is preaching, but something within me told me to be still, let the judgement go, and to completely surrender to his words.

I allowed my mind to open as he narrated my Present Moment Experience: “Can we get out beyond mind?” Before I knew it my mind exploded, and continued to blast and expand further and further by the second. My mind was continuously expanding, with nothing appearing to stand in it’s way. This shattering sent a shuddering splashing through my skin, allowing the tension I’ve been carrying around in my head and neck to just wash away: The exact effect I was hoping the MFR would have.

It took a moment for me to come back, but as I did, I felt as if Bhagwan’s sentences were coming to an end. My awareness came back to his last three words, “All is perfect,” and I allowed this phrase to coat my freshly polished mind, hypnotizing my reality that

All IS Perfect.

All is perfect. All is perfect. All is perfect.

*                   *                  *

This post is dedicated to all that salute Sirius, the dog star, in the midst of the Dog Days of Summer.

Happy Robert Anton Wilson Day!


“Woof. Woof. Woof.” – R.A.W.


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