“We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think.
When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves.”
buddha peace
What are we feeding the brain?
Is your T.V., music, & conversation rather insane?
Our input affects the output. Consciously/Unconsciously.
Six years ago I had the realization:
“What if I could train my brain to not be in so much pain?”
I set my alarm: at first, 10 minutes earlier,
rolled out my mat, no longer trapped as a worrier.
Glimpses of clarity,
bringing balance to polarity.
I discovered an inner strength that could stand in the pain, rather than fighting, fleeing, being consumed by this bane.
Court TV & episodes of Cheaters that fill daytime TV,
were traded in for lectures of super healing personalities.
Uplifting words from Ram Dass got me through the beginning,
Consuming myself with his words always left me grinning.
Pain, death, and all the rest were no longer so heavy,
he led me from the mind, to the heart, no longer so damn heady.
Six years later, I still have my daily, morning practice,
Sealing in the stillness, grounding, aligning with my central axis.
This method of healing is not for the weak willed.
We must have the confidence that we can rebuild:
Our reality, our physicality.
Overcoming old beliefs, releasing programmed griefs.
I’m living proof that you can begin as a goof,
and end up living in perpetual peace and joy.
I spent years being comfortable as underemployed.
And it’s not that my ego is satisfied with my day to day,
but when you can share your bliss, and have someone radiate that joy in a similar way, you know you’re far from the abyss.
“When the mind is pure”, when there’s space between the thoughts, between the reactions,
When you’re effortlessly observing rather than endlessly judging,
“Joy follows you like a shadow that never leaves,”
This is truly one of the greatest gifts we could ever receive.
Carve out time to find peace.
Train the brain to focus on one thing: (the breath).
Watching, allowing,
Expanding, releasing,
we establish the Observer perspective.
Fully introspective, we stand fulfilled,
at One with the collective,
these teachings become instilled.
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