I used to suffer horribly from Seasonal Affective Disorder (it’s called SAD for a reason!).
I dreaded every winter: its dark days, and the trees with no leaves.


My Little Yoda wondering where the grass went

Luckily, in my personal studies, I came across Ancient Chinese Taoism, and it made so much sense to me:

go with the energy, with the season.

Instantly, winter became a time to conserve my energy, so I could have plenty of energy for summer! I learned to sink into stillness, and find my inner peace there. Now I LOVE winter, and I’m SAD to see it go!


Here we are in Summer:

The time to Open Your Heart/Mind (their word is the same for both), and to Lengthen the Tissues (the tight tissues).

It’s a time to keep yourself from being angry, and to feel radiant joy from within your heart.

Go to bed with the sun, and wake up with the sun.

I love the line from this ancient text: Even if you don’t like summer, act as if you do! Receiving the sun’s energy is so crucial this time of year.
This is the season of growth, so feel good and grow!

Most Importantly: Effort only 70%. Catch yourself when you’re efforting 110%, especially in your yoga practice.
Are we able take our practice off of the mat? How about when you eat? Can we eat to only 70% full?
(It takes 20 minutes to realize that you are full, so we’re usually stuffed by that point!)

During these Early Summer Months, we open the Heart and Small Intestine Meridians

(Meridians= energy lines… think: acupuncture).

The heart meridian runs from the heart to the belly, from the heart down both arms to the pinkies, and from the heart up both sides of the throat into each eye.

heart meridian

This week I’ve been using poses to feel the subtly of this energetic line.

Just like Ancient Taoism has stood the test of time,

so has our Iconic Sphinx, still standing strong to the sands of time.

sphinx statue

I’ve taken a liking to this Supported Sphinx Position with a rolled blanket under your chest and arms.


Elbows in line with your shoulders, a slight distance ahead.
Let your sacrum drop, and lengthen your tailbone to your toes. Reach your toes behind you.

If your low back feels crunchy, widen your feet a little bit.

Let your shoulder blades gently awaken your heart from behind. Maybe those blades are trying to kiss!
Relax your shoulders, relax your mind.
Let your heart sing as you lift the crown of your head to the sun.

Receive the radiance, transmit the radiance.

In “Summery”:
We Connect our Inner Sun with the Outer Sun,
and let our impurities burn away,
as we are left in Our Fragrance of Our Full Bloom.

These are just words, but I urge you to find your Radiance and express it, too.

heart sun

“Sunrise in the Sky of the Heart is the most Blessed Sight.”

-Swami Nityananda

This quote, and studio space, from my teacher: thanks!

.     .     .     .     .     .     .

Everything must be aligned, for I heard my first cicada whilst writing this post!

For me, the cicada is a magical creature, that will always remain in my Heart.

Thousands of cicadas sang to me the summer I awakened. They sustained the intense Bliss that was pouring from my brain as I awakened the Crown Chakra, the Thousand Petaled Lotus. They are welcomed every summer with a Big Heart.

I shared some of this Bliss in Part 6,
Ommmmm to the Cicada in A Spiritual Journey of Healing.

omm to cicada

This post is dedicated to being Open! Darlene led a very opening class this morning, and when she called upon some words to describe how we were feeling my friend, June, took the word out of my mouth: “Open!”

I usually don’t do posts with my own pictures, but I’m feeling the energy of this season to be Open!

Also, I usually don’t share my online work with people that I know, but I shared, because I’m going with the flow of “Open!”

What are the parts of us that block this flow?

The thoughts? The mind? Stuck energy? Let it all go, and Open!

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