Falcon-headed Mary 3

Mind never ceases to amaze me. If we are open enough, we are able to realize that mind is not just what is in our heads. Mind is universal: an open field of consciousness.

In moments of deep mediation, usually after a yoga practice where I am able to let go of every fiber of my being, I am occasionally rewarded with visions. Often these visions are guiding forces that nudge me along, giving me strength to have courage, providing me with wisdom to take the right path.

Recently I attended a two and a half hour long Restorative Yoga class. The class left me in such a deep state that I had to take a walk before I felt I was able to safely drive my car.

During the last moments of Savasana, a vision came into view: A falcon, cloaked in a veil as if it were the Virgin Mary.  Instantly, I felt blessed to see such a sight looking upon me.

Once I got home the thought hit me, “The falcon is the symbol for Horus!” Did I just envision an absolute Union? Ancient Egypt with Christianity, Horus as Jesus, Isis as Mary, a birth of the Holy Spirit?

As I am in the midst of my Yoga Teacher Training, I just finished writing about this experience, so I figured I’d share it here.

What does this convergence mean to you?

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