All too often, I hear of someone claiming that they are magnesium deficient. My first thought is: “You’re probably right.”

Not only does our diet lack magnesium rich foods, but the soil in which our food grows has become depleted itself.

So, what do we do? We supplement; but have you ever looked at the back of your daily vitamin? Next time you’re popping one, spin the bottle around and check the low percentage. “Why do they put such a low amount of magnesium in here?” I’d ask aloud.

My boyfriend would answer back, “Do you know how big that vitamin would be if they put any more in there?”

So do yourself a favor, if you haven’t already, and get a Calcium/Magnesium/Vitamin D supplement (if your multivitamin has enough Vitamin D, then just a Cal/Mag). This will help ease the pain, but let’s also look at what we might be doing to inhibit magnesium absorption.

In the 2nd video below, it’s explained that stress, diuretics, and carbohydrates are the leading causes of magnesium deficiency. So whether you have stress from a chronic illness or your job, you drink coffee every morning, or you haven’t yet gone gluten free; you are setting yourself up for short-term and long-term physical damage.

What other nutrients do these carbohydrates affect? To keep this entry short, I’ll talk about just one; calcium. My health-nut/vitamin-nut mother would always remind me: “Calcium and magnesium go hand in hand.” She’s right. Calcium needs magnesium to be transported across cell membranes. So by continuing to eat gluten containing foods, especially if you have a gluten sensitivity, you are creating a never-ending cyclone of malabsorbtion.

Sometimes it’s just best to hear the professional tell it like it is:

A great site for magnesium dense foods:

Luckily, gluten free oatmeal, buckwheat and millet are also high in magnesium.

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2 replies on “Magnesium and Calcium Deficiencies… Are Gluten and Carbohydrates to Blame?

  1. great article! people often don’t look at what is inhibiting absorption! In my younger years I didn’t realize that the quantity and timing of caffeine I consumed affected my absorption of iron.

    1. thanks! yeah, we often look at situations in just the cause and effect manner (eg. if I’m lacking this, then let me just supplement). Completely unaware of the “big picture”. It’d really be sweet if they actually taught nutrition in med school, but I guess I’m still dreaming on that one.

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