If someone, or something, relieves you of pain and suffering, they become something like an angel.



beacons of Light

where was once dim,

I like to fill my life with them.

Having Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, and who knows what else, I’m constantly uncovering health issues. Some of which have existed for some time, but became buried down deep because they seemed like they were impossible to deal with.

A steady practice of yoga constantly shines evermore Light on the places that were once dark. In the past year, the tension that was lurking in my face surfaced, and became apparent:

“Wow! I’m surprised my face is not covered in wrinkles for the amount of tension I’m holding!”

(Youthful looks: It’s an EDS thing.

Timeless beauty: It’s a yogi thing.)

If you’re a yogi, you’re already aware that the yogi finds skin-soothing-solace in Lion’s Breath.

During the first attempt one thinks, “Seriously?!” You want me to look that ridiculous?!”

lions breath iyengar

Once you get over yourself (yoga tends to have that effect on you), you quickly realize how beneficial Lion’s Breath becomes for releasing that dang tension you’ve apparently been holding in your face. (My dog shoots his head up and stares at me every time I hiss in this breath.)

Anymore I’m taking a moment to stretch my face: making kissy lips, swishing them from right to left. Making a yawny face, scaring my boyfriend every time: “AHH! What are you doing?!”

But what if you’re like me, and you have some sort of connective tissue disorder that creates a disturbing amount of tension in your face. Dare I say TMJ?

Two words: Tennis Balls.

My latest obsession has been tennis balls. “They can cure… like… everything!!!”

I am currently surrounded by a circle of tennis balls, you would think I’m conducting a séance.

Even my dog is getting in on the action:

yoda tennis ball motion

He barks at my bag every time I leave it on the floor.

So I did what any tensed, tennis ball obsessed person would do. I started rolling the tennis ball on my cheeks:
tennis ball anime

I Love the fact that this anime image exists.

tennis ball fave

See, even she likes it.

Eureka! The tennis ball worked its magic again! Just look at me now!

tennis ball headAs soon as I felt a release of some of the tension, I remembered that Gary Crowley had posted some Jaw Joint Pain Relief videos on his amazing site www.do-it-yourself-joint-pain-relief.com. (You wanna talk angels? This guy is an angel!)

Wash your hands, and get ready to shove your fingers in your mouth! Working with his Press-Hold-Move Technique, you’ll be working on the muscles along your cheek. This surprisingly worked so well!

trigger point mouth

Next, it’s onto releasing the tension along the back part of your neck: where the skull and neck meet. This is like “Personal Enemy Number One” for me. Tension here can cause tension there? No wonder I’m having face tension!

Lastly, Gary directs you to press on the tender points between your temples and your ears (this is the exact spot the Trigger Point Therapy Workbook says to press).

trigger point face

So these three things:

Yogi face stretches.

Tennis ball rolling-release.

Gary Crowley tension release.

In less than 10 minutes your face will go from this:

tennis ball dog underwaterTo this:
tennis ball dog
 Happy Days – Happy Face

trigger tennis ball puppets 2

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