I finished my Yoga Teacher Training!!!

Please understand that I haven’t “accomplished anything” in years! To be standing at the top of the mountain: I forgot what this feels like!

Even though I am very passionate about yoga, and I selected a very gentle program, completing this training was no cake walk for an EDSer. The yoga aspect of the program was fine, it was just all of the hours that I put into it: it started to become too much! I let out a few tears here and there, and wondered how I would get through. The very thing that go me through: Present Moment Awareness! If I spent one moment worrying about anything, I would start to drown. Luckily, my meditation and mindfulness practices kicked in! I felt like I crawled over the finish line, but I DID IT!

It’s not like my ego screamed, “I want to be a yoga instructor.” Now that I’ve read The Alchemist, I think Paulo Coelho put it best: you are to find your “personal legend:”

“Everyone, when they are young, knows what their personal legend is. At that point everything is clear and everything is possible.” However, due to the harshness of life, we forget our life’s purpose.

Throughout the book, the main character realizes that personal legends can be found by reading omens. The night before I realized I should go for this training I had a dream:

My boyfriend and I were walking around a giant warehouse store. We turned to walk down an aisle and we saw a little girl in the yoga pose Humble Warrior.


I thought, “Wow, that girl is really nailing that pose, and for a kid, too!” When she came out of the pose she stepped up to the rows of Barbie dolls in front of her. She picked up a boxed Barbie, and got really excited that she picked the right one. She hugged the doll, started to jump up and down: she was sooooo happy. I tried to look and see what type of Barbie she picked, but the doll was blurred with a grey fuzz. Once I awoke I realized that the girl was me. She found her personal legend, the person she is supposed to be: a yogi. The extra-crazy-synchronicities I experienced later that morning led me to the realization: I think I’m supposed be a yoga instructor!

I was out the $3,000, but as the universe aligns with a pure intention, the exact amount of money that I needed appeared right before sign-ups.

personal legend

So many people told me to put that money toward a new car, but I knew what I needed to do.

I had no problem with the first half of the training: the learning part.
However, my anxiety tried to get the best of me for the 2nd half of the training: the teaching part.

Going with the flow, I threw myself into the teaching situation and realized it’s something I actually like to do! To be able to express how I feel on the inside, and to get a group of people to feel the same way: I began to see the real power of yoga.

Even though it is the end of this program, I feel as if it’s just the beginning.

In Kripalu Yoga, we’ll often say Jai Bhagwan (Hindi) instead of Namaste (Sanskrit).

So, Jai Bhagwan.

YTT Girls

         *          *          *           *          *           *          *          *          *           *

If you haven’t read it, The Alchemist:

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