After spending numerous hours in meditation these last few months, I’ve come to the realization that I’ve uncovered a great meditation technique for staying focused and quieting the mind.

As you look inward and subject yourself to the contents of you mind, thoughts will easily arise.

Before, I would simply observe my breath: watch the inhales, watch the exhales. At some point in time, my mind would easily wander.

Then, I began to really feel my breath: feeling the belly then chest rise on the inhale, feeling the chest then belly fall on the exhale.

Just a couple of months ago this visualization came to me: a little white cartoon surfer on a white surfboard surfing my breath. I noticed this surfer was riding the crest of my breath, continually glued to the motion in my internal ocean. My complete focus became absorbed on this surfer, with no other thoughts impeding my mind-space. New elevations opened within. Parts of my mind began to vibrate in horizontal layers.

Thinking that this was just a passing image, I would only use this visualization now and again. However, I began to notice the powerful effects of watching this surfer. I soon realized that this surfer was me, and before I knew it “I” was watching me.

It wasn’t until this morning’s hour and a half long meditation did I realize: This is a keeper!

As I was wandering through some stores yesterday, I flipped past a Keith Haring sweatshirt. As I was in meditation this morning I realized, “Oh, little surfer me kind of looks like a Keith Haring character!” Sometimes the little surfer me will glow a little color, but I’m usually in all white.

Just a nice visualization I felt compelled to draw out and share. Find what works for you!

Surfing My Breath

Posted by:theglutenfreeyogi

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