What if we could shift our perspective on emergence?

A seemingly present moment emergency,

could possibly be a present moment emergence, see?

IMG_20150725_144825417~2This photo is difficult to see,

but take notice of the statue emerging and exalting.


A molting cicada, complete transformation.

Seventeen years underground.

In just one moment the cicada melts from it’s ugly, brown skin,

and emerges out of it’s own back,

to come forth for just one season of song.


The Phoenix, a mythical bird.

Setting itself aflame,

and rising anew from its ashes.

That’s as bad-ass as you can get.

Just imagine what it must feel like as emergence take place.

It must seem like your whole world is turning upside down.

So at times, when I’m feeling like everything is happening all at once,

I think to myself, “I’m probably just emerging. It’ll be worth, I’m sure.”

Posted by:theglutenfreeyogi

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