Wanderlust: Philly Yoga Block Party

Just returned from the Wanderlust “Festival” in Philadelphia. Wanderlust? In Philly? What, did they wander and get lost?

Actually, the free event was held at the recently built Piazza in Northern Liberties, the growing, “hipster” section of the city.

We couldn’t have asked for better weather. High 70s, low 80s with a beautiful breeze. The sunbeams were warm, but perfect.

This would be the first time I practiced in such a large group setting, and I guess that is the reason I feel compelled to write. This event felt very special to me in that it was my one year anniversary of realizing medication was not going to be my answer for healing. So having this event happening in Philly truly felt like the universe was like “Here, you deserve this. This is for you.” So I woke up with that intention that this event was for me.

Arriving super early, way before my best friend, I took the time to wander around. With my complimentary Kind bar in hand I was off to find the “right spot” to roll out my mat. There, to the left, the last bit of shade… for now. Instantly I felt a shift from my thinking centers to my feeling center. My heart said, there’s your spot, right there. “Are you saving this spot for anyone?” The very down to earth young woman, whose name I would learn later, Tejal, invited me right in. We began with small conversation moving onto me commenting how I just got the stains out of my light colored mat that matched hers.

After talking “with” her for some time before the event I got the feeling… I was supposed to find to her. She also shared an inspiring tale of leaving her practice of being a divorce lawyer and finding her practice on the mat teaching yoga to children. Our viewpoints connected on how beneficial that is not only for the kids now, but for the rest of their lives. She shared some great blogging and yoga writing tips. I couldn’t have landed in a better spot.

Myyogaonline.com provides a weekly giveaway with a prize at hand for answering a yoga-based question.

This week: If you were a yoga pose, what would you be and why?

When I opened that email I instinctively thought, “Tree Pose”! Not being quite sure if it was my favorite pose it was just something my gut screamed out.

So, during the last third of the practice, the instructor began her time with tree pose. However, to feel the enormity of the event and our deep connection with all beings in this world, she had us raise our arms and our hands to each yogi on our sides. Through rooting down one finds stability and balance. Any disturbance could make you sway your limbs so to have a line of people counting on you, and you counting on them.  Such a deep and simultaneously uplifting feeling. With the sun shining on my face I presently felt this is the moment I came here for. Out of the corner of my eye I saw someone take our picture. Coincidentally it was Tejal’s husband. Luckily, I asked her for her site before we parted ways. http://www.astitvaseekers.com/

This was my first 90 minute class. This was also my first outdoor class. Savasana never felt so good after practicing for 90 minutes in the sun. As a laid on my back, pure blue sky open above me, I focused on the few puffies in the sky. This is the point… when you have wrung your body out and your mind couldn’t be clearer… this is the point you fall in love with yoga. And sometimes, all over again.

Thank you Wanderlust for the beautiful gift!

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