July 9, 2014

As I was practicing a mindful meditation walk,
my eyes saw every detail, crisp and clear.
Each blade of grass, sharper than ever,
Hidden insects seemed to magically appear.

My eyes fixated on a thin, leafy branch,
one section a bit thicker than the rest.
Taking a step closer I saw it was a caterpillar,
Had he hatched from an egg, or was it a nearby nest?

Feeling some urge to examine him closer,
investigating required me to squint.
Suddenly, I couldn’t believe my eyes,
for he was sporting a Zebra print!

Upset to find he won’t become a Zebra Butterfly,
His nest predicted his fate as a moth.
Shared my findings and poem with my boyfriend,
He said, “Don’t worry,
He’ll still soar in the sky, like a jumping David Lee Roth.”


EDS caterpillar to moth David Lee Roth

Posted by:theglutenfreeyogi

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